Venturvane on CD and other news

Posted on May 20, 2013 at 7:15 AM

"VENTURVANE" now available on CD

     My debut self-titled studio Album is finally available on CD. You can order it/listen to tracks here

     This 16 track album has been available in digital form since March 30th on platforms like Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc.

     The tracks are a collection of old and new tunes inspired by God's leading me over the years, from California to Germany, to the people I've met, even to bringing me my wife. "Venturvane" comes from the instrumental guitar piece "Holy Spirit Venturvane" (also available on the album) that I wrote back in 2005 before and during my first trip to Germany. The piece in itself was a self portrait of the anticipation and excitement of the unknown that was coming ahead back then with the whole trip and where God would lead me once I was here and thereafter. "Ventur" comes from "Adventure" and "Vane" comes from "Weathervane". So, like a weathervane, this "Venturvane" is, to me, like God's tool to steer and guide me along the path that He has in store. His Spirit is like the wind that makes it turn.

     There's an exclusive Bandcamp-only bonus track that isn't available anywhere else on the web and also not on the CD. So, when you download the album there digitally or even when you buy the cd, which comes with an immediate download of the digital album, you'll get this special little gem. Although I did edit it a bit to make it consumer quality, I wanted this bonus track to not have a big production sound like the rest of the album, but rather capture the atmosphere and innocence of what it's like to just be in a sanctuary hall of a church, singing a praise song to the Lord. My wonderful wife joined me with her background vocals. So, it's just us, a guitar and God, as we are, coming to worship. A quiet and calm ending to this adventurous album (no pun intended :-).

"The Psalmist"

     With the debut album finally finished, you'd probably think I'd need a rest from all the recording work. But, I felt inspired to start a new project. Check it out here

     The Psalms of the Hebrew Bible have been a wonderful source of inspiration and guidance since their creation. Largely composed by King David, they were songs written to express many topics ranging from God's goodness to the emotional conflicts of the human soul.

     "The Psalmist" will be an ongoing project with the goal to musically and lyrically capture the beauty and simplicity of these psalms, ultimately making them available for free use in every household around the world.

     As often as possible, each Psalm will be posted on my Bandcamp, NoiseTrade and Soundcloud pages until all 150 are collected. They are free of charge. But, if you feel like contributing toward the project, then feel free to give as much as you like.

Mixing & Mastering Services

     I've decided to start a small home-studio mixing and mastering business. So, if you're a musician or in a band that has a single or some tracks that you'd love to make an album out of, then check out all the meat and bones of what that's all about right here.

Stay Connected

     I'll try not to send out updates too often, since I know how it is to get lots of emails every day. But if you're on social networks, then those are great ways to keep up more regularly on what I'm up to. There's a link to any of my social network pages when you go to my website at

Spread The Word

     Last, but not least: The music I write is ultimately inspired by and a testimony of my Father in heaven and His Son, Jesus Christ. So, it's most important to me that this gospel message in my music is available to hear by all who have ears, regardless of whether those people can afford to buy it or not. Of course, I strive to be able to one day live from the work that I create, I want the Message to get out there. One great way to do this is simply by sharing about a particular song with someone and maybe encouraging them with a bible verse or a personal testimony that you may relate to when hearing the song. You can include a link to them of that particular song in an email or through any of your social network pages. Another great gift idea: I've provided a few selected tracks from "Venturvane" on NoiseTrade that folks can download for free and take anywhere they go. It's right here

     Of course I ask that you share the music legally. That means, please don't burn copies of it and give it away. Only "The Psalmist" is okay to copy, burn and multiply as much as you want. But the rest, please share it within the ways that are available to do so.

     Well, that's it for this update. I'd be delighted to hear from any of you at any time. So feel free to write back :-)



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