Even as a little boy...

Posted on December 13, 2013 at 9:35 AM

    Even as a little boy, I knew God had to exist. So, I prayed to Him. I looked at the world around me and the heavens above and recognized it as clear evidence of the intelligent creator, God, described in the bible. It never would have crossed my mind to think otherwise. It was so obvious.

    My son is just a couple months old now. So, naturally his mind and understanding aren't developed enough yet to realize that he doesn't need to worry and pour his little eyes out in tears, crying at the top of his lungs and making the most troubled and distressed of faces when he wakes up and his pascifier has fallen out or we're not there at that very moment to make it right. But, the fact that he does this reveals to me that he has a deep longing for that which is absent to him at that moment. So much so, that it's like the end of the world to him. I didn't put this emotion into him. And it certainly didn't come from a series of coincidental adaptations by evolution. It had to have come from an intelligent creator who made the ability to love and to feel heartache in the absence of love. Of course he wants his pascifier back, because that's his security. But his mommy and daddy are also absent in that moment and he wants them back. He wants us to pick him up and tell him everything is okay and empathise with him until he calms down and stops crying. Like I said, it's not actually anything to worry about. But, seeing his face in that moment and hearing him cry just makes me want to cry with him too. Because... actually... I can relate.

    I've had my share of distractions and worries in life that have distanced me from my heavenly Father. My childlike faith isn't what it used to be. I remember though, there was once a morning when I was little that I approached my mother and asked her why we had stopped going to church. We eventually did find a new church to attend back then, but I must have had some kind of unexplainable need inside of me to be with others on a regular basis that believed in God and Jesus; so much so, that it troubled me to suddenly have stopped attending.

    This brings me to the conclusion that my son's earth shattering reaction to such a trivial little thing as I described above is not so trivial at all. It's much more exagerated than my reaction when I confronted my mother as a child, but it's still the same principle. It's a God given attribute to miss Him as long as there's something that has gotten in the way.

    I can't help but see this attribute in the faces of those interviewed in this video a little over half way through when they're confronted with the concept of their sin and God paying for it through Jesus. These aren't actors. These are real people who come to the realization that they have to make a decision. Because the guy interviewing them has made it very clear that what they've been believing is complete garbage. And if my son reacts the way he does in the absence of his father, and God has given all of us this yearning for Him, then how much more do you think God Himself, our Creator and Father, has that same characteristic and is therefore distressed and aching for you to return to Him before it's too late?

    Please watch and make a decision.


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