Guitar tunings used on debut album: Venturvane

Posted on April 24, 2013 at 4:40 AM

For all you guitar junkies out there. Here's a list of the tunings and capo settings I used on my guitar on the Album. Have fun trying them out. I always found it fun to sample new tunings and try and learn my favorite tunes by ear with them.


01 Psalm 28:7

    Standard (EADGBE)

02 There's a Name (feat. Lydia Heckenthaler)

    Standard (EADGBE)

03 Etude for the Multitasker


04 Herz und Herz vereint zusammen (Theme and Variations): I. Two Young Moravians [feat. Paris Reidhead]


05 Herz und Herz vereint zusammen (Theme and Variations): II. Speak, You Four Winds [feat. Reidhead, Tiehen, V. Mollé, Boddey, Bertini, Filidis, Garrido, Feng, Bially]

    (CGDGAD with half capo on 3rd fret, only capo CGDG strings)

06 Bleib an meiner Seite, o Herr (sample available on iTunes, Amazon or Spotify)

    Standard (EADGBE) capo 6th fret

07 How He Loves by John Mark McMillan (sample available on iTunes, Amazon or Spotify)

    (CGDGAD with capo on 2nd fret)

08 Petite Marmotte


09 You Are (feat. Lydia Heckenthaler)

    (EADGAD with capo on 5th fret)

10 Whether it Rains or If It Will Shine

    (CGDGAD with capo on 7th fret)

11 Zusammengehen

    (DADGAD with capo on 4th fret)

12 All That I Am, All That I Have Been, I Offer Now to You (feat. Lydia Heckenthaler)

    Standard (EADGBE)

13-16 Holy Spirit Venturvane I. West Valley | II. 85 South | III. 101 North | IV. Second Star tot the Right And Straight On 'Til Morning


17 Bonus: It Is Well With My Soul (Mir ist wohl in dem Herrn) [with V. Mollé] (This track is only available digitally through Bandcamp when you download the digital album or purchase the CD which comes with an immediate download of the album)

    Standard (EADGBE)

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