Posted on November 22, 2012 at 6:40 AM

    Slowly, but surely, MY FIRST STUDIO ALBUM is coming together!!!

    All the demos you've heard on my soundcloud page, along with a cover version of “How He Loves,” by John Mark McMillan and a couple recently unreleased tunes of mine, are all systematically being refined.

    To hear a bit of what I mean, here is the demo version followed by the first draft of the “mixdown” version of my tune, “There's A Name.”

There's A Name (demo)

There's A Name (mixdown) draft 1

    Besides the obvious differences of adding drums and changing the key, I re-recorded the acoustic guitar track three separate times for the left middle and right channels, re-recorded my vocals along with additional background vocals and background harmonies. I tweaked a lot of EQ settings and I say „Yeehaw“ at the very very end of the track :-)

    All the tracks that will be on the album have been recorded as a demo. Half of them so far have been thoroughly refurbished to what is now the first draft of their “mixdown.” As soon as the rest are finished going through my refining job to the first draft of the mixdown phase, I'll go back 1-2 more times to tweak little things that still don't quite sit well. And after that finally comes the phase where they all get “mastered”. Then comes the production phase followed by the BIG RELEASE DATE (to be announced).

    “There's A Name,” for example, is in need of boosted background vocal harmonies and maybe some re-EQ-ing of the orchestral instruments to bring out the treble frequencies. Otherwise, the bass frequencies in the entire mix are a bit too heavy, but that will be fixed in the “mastering” phase. If you're curious what the difference is between “mixing” and “mastering”, ask the smarty pants know-it-alls at Google or Wikipedia :-)

    And just because I like you all so much and the sun is shining today, I'll make you a special offer. Below is a sneak peak of the track listing. But to not spoil everything, I won't reveal the introduction and filler track titles.

    For those of you who have known me longer and heard many of my other tunes live or back when several were on myspace, you're probably wondering why I don't have more of my tunes on this first album. I actually considered having all of my tunes so far on one album, but realized that it's just too much and will take so much longer to release because of all the recording still necessary. So, I realized I could just spread them all out over 3 albums. So, after this first one, you can definitely expect at least 2 sequals over the next couple years.


Venturvane (track listing)

1. (Introduction track)

2. There's A Name

3. (filler track)

4. Herrnhuter Visiten

    I. Air And Pastorale

    II. Herz Und Herz Vereint Zusammen

5. Bleib An Meiner Seite, Oh Herr

6. (filler track)

7. How He Loves

8. (filler track)

9. Petite Marmotte

10. You Are

11. (filler track)

12. Whether It Rains, Or If It Will Shine

13. Zusammen Gehen

14. All That I Am, All That I Have Been, I Offer Now To You

15. (filler track)

16. Holy Spirit Venturvane

    I. West Valley

    II. 85 South

    III. 101 North

    IV. “Second star to the right and straight on 'til morning” - Peter Pan

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