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              賓客服務員 - 禮賓員 Service Associate - Concierge

              上海浦東嘉里大酒店Kerry Hotel Pudong, Shanghai
              • 國際五星級酒店  |
              • 500人以上  |
              • 2022-08-10

                二年以上工作經驗  不限學歷   招若干人  性別:不限
                不限 不限 不限   年齡:不限


              Celebrate the joy of life at Kerry Hotel, Pudong, the first of a new class of luxury hotels from the Shangri-La Group. With a premier city-center location and cutting-edge facilities, your stay is engaging at every turn.
              Kerry Hotel Pudong offers 574 guestrooms and suites while boasting some of Shanghai’s most spacious and advanced conference and banqueting facilities. For work-life balance, we offer a well-equipped hotel sports and recreational facility in Shanghai, featuring vast exercise and spa options. The bon vivant in you would truly appreciate the exquisite cuisine orchestrated by renowned chefs across 3 restaurants. Top this off with a microbrewery, serving unique, handcrafted beers, and you may not see much of your room.
              When night (or day) comes, you have the choice of spacious rooms and suites, plus serviced suites in The Residences at Kerry Parkside, just next to the hotel. Even getting to the hotel is a joy.
              At Kerry Hotel Pudong, you soon realize there are no rules, only possibilities.

              We are currently looking for a Service Associate - Concierge to join our Front Office team.

              Responsible for receiving guest and making them feel warm and naturally welcome, as well as providing services of handling luggage, mail, vehicle door, sending Messages and sending newspaper, errand duties in accordance with the objectives, performance and quality standard established by Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts and Kerry Hotel Pudong Shanghai.

              • Presentable
              • Communication skills
              • Good Health
              • Articulate
              • Ability to work independently

              酒店位于浦東核心腹地, 一應俱全的先進設施、獨特簡約的設計與熱情自然的服務使其成為現代靈動生活的富集之地。設備精良的健身場所,覆蓋3層6,000平方米



              • 良好的外貌
              • 溝通能力
              • 身體健康
              • 語音清晰
              • 工作獨立性


              電 話:021-61698888
              傳 真:021-61695328
              聯 系 人:人力資源部
              地 址:上海市浦東新區花木路1388號


              Flowing seamlessly within the new Kerry Parkside complex, integrating the hotel with an office tower, serviced residences and lifestyle retail mall, Kerry Hotel Pudong, Shanghai is located in the heart of Pudong, opposite Century Park, the largest eco-park in Shanghai, directly connected to the Shanghai New International Expo Center (SNIEC) while accessible to the rest of the Shanghai metropolis via the underground metro within the complex. Pudong International Airport is 30 minutes away by car and 15 minutes away by Maglev train. The hotel's 574 rooms and suites, most with expansive Century Park views, are designed for optimum ease in work rest and leisure, with complimentary mini bar, broadband and wireless internet access.

              Anchoring the hotel's lifestyle experience is an innovative three-in-one integrated destination for dining, entertaining and socialising: The COOK (international ala carte with open kitchens and gourmet deli), The MEET (steakhouse and grill) and The BREW (craft brewery). Classic Cantonese cuisine and other Chinese regional specialities are served in Blossoms, a collection of exclusive private dining rooms. Kerry Sports, spanning 6,000 square metres across three levels, includes a 24-hour fitness centre, an indoor swimming pool, a wellness spa, outdoor tennis court and basketball court, studios for yoga (including hot yoga), pilates, spinning, boxing and aerobics, and the Adventure Zone.

              The hotel offers the largest portfolio of hotel-based meetings and banqueting facilities in the city, with more than 7,300 square metres of space across 26 multi-purpose function rooms, including the 2,230-square metre Grand Shanghai Ballroom and 1,018-square metre Pudong Ballroom. To complement, the hotel also features the 24-hour Business Centre and Office Suites with 16 serviced offices and an additional four meeting rooms.


              迎合酒店的風尚生活體驗,創新的“三合一”整合餐廳模式實現用餐、娛樂和社交功能。The COOK∙廚餐廳(豐盛國際零點美食,開放式廚房和美味熟食),The MEAT∙扒餐廳(牛排館)以及The BREW∙釀餐廳(手工自釀啤酒坊)。此外,百花亭設有數間優雅私人包間,提供經典粵式菜肴和其他中華美食。嘉里健身6,000平方米面積橫跨3層,包括24小時開放的健身中心,室內游泳池,水療館,室外網球場和籃球場,瑜伽(包括高溫瑜伽),普拉提,動感單車,拳擊,健美操和兒童探險樂園。


              網站簡介 | 服務聲明 | 招賢納士 | 獵頭服務 | 產品與服務 | 聯系我們 | 網站導航
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