D-Moll E-Dur Studios

Affordable Mixing/Mastering services online/offline

    Having spent nearly a year learning and refining my recording, mixing and mastering skills to produce my solo project's self titled debut album, “Venturvane,” I'm eager and ready to gain more experience and win the trust of other artists who want their music to sound the best it can.

    The music industry these days is becoming ever more competetive, often sacrificing the music's captivating dynamic range in exchange for becoming louder than the latest artists on the radio. With the mindset and conviction that less is more and the good old saying, “Keep it simple, dude.,” I aim to maintain all your music's dynamics while still sweetening the sound that is apparent in each track without overcompression and overlimiting.


What are mixing and mastering, exactly?

    This is mixing. And here's a great article about mastering. But, to try and shorten it in my own words: Mixing and mastering are like creating and preparing all the ingredients of a meal that are to be served to a bunch of hungry guests. You have to wash and slice the lettuce, fry or cook the meat thoroughly, etc. Then you have to make sure it has just the right amount of spices and any added flavoring.

    All the tracks that you've recorded and send to me are pretty much the raw foods. Maybe you've prepared their placement a bit already, but they haven't been edited much before I get them. I then have to creatively prepare these ingredients with things like equalization, noise reduction, volume adjustments, maybe some effects like reverb or echo. And all the tracks have to be given their space in the stereo spectrum to breath and not get in each other's way.

    Then, when all these ingredients are finally a pleasing mix, that mix gets a final polishing finish to make sure it all sits as a whole. That's the mastering phase: Are there some spots or specific frequencies that are too quiet or too loud. Is there enough punch in the bass? Are the cymbals or the "S"es in the vocals jumping out too much? Is it a bit too muddy? These kinds of questions come up in the mastering phase? But also the question of what part of the mix can be brought out more? What does it still need? What can make it sound better? The mastering phase is really the point where you start to notice if there's something that needs to be fixed in the mix. So it's really best to get the mix sounding as best as you can. Ask some others to listen to it and give you their oppinions. Because, unless the mastering engineer is the same person who did the mixing, there's no turning back. I can't raise the vocals in the whole mix if they're too quiet or else everything else will get louder too.

    So, when you send me your mixes, it's also important that you've recorded them with the best equipment you can find and in the most ideal environment you can set up. You don't necessarily have to go crazy and buy the most expensive things out there or spend a lot of money on the best recording studio you can find. Most important is that the environment is as quiet as possible and not too echoey or boomey (unless you're looking to create a special new sound) and the recording devices are decent enough and don't create background noise in themselves. I actually use and recommend the H1 Handy Recorder by ZOOM (or any of the better Olympus digital recorders are great too). They record whatever you speak or play into them and save it to a chip in really great quality.

    But please, please, make sure your recordings don't distort at any point (go over the recording device's 0db barrier). I can't fix those. And don't send me mixes to be mastered that have individual tracks that distort. Mastering is not going to fix these things either, but rather only make them more prominent. The only thing I can do is make it sound a bit thicker. But it's best to make sure these things are recorded well before mixing them.


What examples from your work do you have?

    No matter what Genre you fit into, you can get an idea of what sort of quality in sound I'm aiming for by taking a listen here to how my solo project turned out:


What sort of equipment do you use?

    If you compare my equipment to those of other mixing/ mastering engineers, you'll find that I don't use big name software on the market like Pro Tools or Logic Pro, or plugins like Waves Audio. Not that I don't find these products to be good. I just don't find them absolutely necessary for me to get the best sound. Perhaps I'll invest in one or the other product down the line. But, at the moment, what I have gets me just as great a result as those products. If you like the sound quality you hear in the examples above, then you can rest assured that nothing was used in the mixing and mastering process other than various equipment listed here:


  • Audacity and MuLab (DAW)
  • Various plugins by Digitalfishphones, Antress Modern, GVST, Reaper and Ferric TDS and several others
  • Lenovo laptop running Windows 7
  • On Memory (back up hard drive)
  • Stereo Headphone SBC HP|70 by "Philips", Desktop Monitors by "Genius", various household/consumer playback systems for referencing (such as a Samsung Smartphone w/earbuds, CD Player with Stereo Speakers, etc.)


 What do you charge?*

For mixing: Costs have to be negotiated based on the size of and time needed for the project. It also will depend on your budget.
For mastering:
  • € 25 per track on an album/LP (7 tracks or more)
  • € 35 for a Single or per track on an EP (1-6 tracks)
  • 20 additional charge if you'd like me to prepare your EP/LP album flow to be returned as a .bin/.cue file for submitting to a CD press.


Methods of Payment:
  • Paypal
  • Bank transfer for german bank account holders
  • 50% payment in advance and remaining 50% upon delivery of your finished tracks.

*All prices are retail prices in Euro (according to small business regulation, there is no VAT tax)


 How do I present my song(s) or track(s)?

  • Leave at least -10dbs headroom and 2 secs at the beginning and end of each track
  • Wav or Aiff format
  • 16, 24* or 32* bit (*prefered)
  • 44.1kHz or higher
  • Upload tracks individually (don't zip or compress the folder)
  • Give clear fade in/out instructions
  • If you'd like me to prepare your EP/LP album flow, please list each track's codes if you have any (ISRC, UPC/EAN, etc.) as well as track titles, featured artists, etc. Also give clear instructions on track order, gaps between tracks, where tracks are to overlap on gapless tracks as well as hidden/non-hidden bonus tracks.


What should I expect?

  • Tracks returned fully mixed / mastered as .Wav or .Aiff files.
  • Delivery of mixes depends on the negotiated size and time span of the project. For delivery of masters, please allow 3-5 working days time, depending on the number of tracks and mixing/mastering projects of others I'm also working on.



    Feeling a bit overwhelmed with all this info? That's no problem. Please don't be shy to tell me about your project here or share any questions you may still have. Contact and offers are free and without obligation on either of our part. I'd even love to add your project to my list of examples when finished.
    looking forward to hearing from you,
p.s. If you're curious about the studio name (pronounced: Day-Mole A-Doer Studios), it's a play on the spelling of my name and the german words for minor (Moll) and major (Dur).